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Mission Statement & Values


Our Mission & Values

We invest the extra time it takes to truly understand our customers’ challenges. Ensuring consistent produce quality helps drive our customers’ profitability, maximize their return on produce spend, and increase market share.


The Capital City Fruit Mission

To source, pack, and deliver exceptionally fresh produce when you want it, where you want it, how you want it.

What We Value



We strive to fulfill orders accurately and according to customer specification, pack carefully, and deliver products on time.



We start with great produce from our farm network. Relying on our product expertise, stringent quality standards, and rigorous inspection process, we offer our customers the finest quality produce available year round.


Ethical Behavior

We stand behind our work and our products and vow to treat our customers, employees, and suppliers fairly.



We focus on more than just ourselves. Our customers come first and we understand their need to provide both quality products to their customers and profitability to their organization’s bottom line. We know the importance of our employees and partners and the daily role they play in serving our customers. We treat them like family.

For over 70 years, we’ve relied on four solid principles that dictate how we run our business.

Since we began over 70 years ago, these beliefs have always been a part of Capital City Fruit. Learn more about how we started and how we’ve grown.