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Shipping & Logistics


Fulfill Your Orders Through an Expansive Shipping & Logistics Fleet

We rely heavily on our logistics process to get fresh produce to our customers around the nation safely and on time. Our ongoing 50-year partnership with in-house broker Allen Lund Company gives us access to a large fleet of trucks, as well as professionals with experience in third-party transportation logistics and traffic management to help us send out orders to various geographic regions. Our central location just outside of Des Moines, Iowa makes us a good spot to send and receive shipments from all over the country.

Our Logistics Services



In order for produce to remain fresh and within its desired stage, it’s important that it reaches its destination on time. Through drop-shipping, we can pick up product from anywhere around the U.S. and rather than needing to bring it back to our headquarters and store it in our warehouse, we send it directly to your location.

Open Loads

There are times where grower loads get rejected by other produce distributors and they are now faced with a truck full of produce and no place to put it. We find a place for all produce, even if it’s not premium, due to our relationship with various industries who can use produce in all stages.


Cross Dock & Forward Distribution

Many customers have been challenged with new HOS (Hours of Service) regulations and have found a viable solution with us. Centrally located in the Midwest, we offer solutions to improve your logistics and supply chain capabilities. Capital City Fruit allows you to ship product to our warehouse where it can be picked up by you or your customer, or delivered to your required destination by us. These services are available as a true cross dock, inventory in – inventory out, or we can manage your inventory on site if requested.

Contact a Produce Account Executive

If you’re wanting more information on our logistics process or wondering which service is best for your needs, please contact a Produce Account Executive to get started.