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Fresh Produce Solutions Across the Midwest


Capital City Fruit Offers Produce Solutions to Help You Grow

As a solutions-focused company, we understand that keeping your customers happy and increasing profitability is key. Renaming an existing problem is not an option, which is why we begin our process by identifying root causes and supply chain inefficiencies. We work with you to establish and execute a customized plan that will drive customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention while increasing profitability. Utilizing our farm network and our repacking and distribution expertise, we help you achieve your strategic goals using produce as the vehicle for growth.

Solving Supply Chain Issues Long-Term

Ever wonder why you are spending less and not making more on produce? Whether your issues lie deep within your business’s operation, or your supplier has let you down one too many times with late or incorrect shipments, your customers shouldn’t have to feel shorted. As a spec-driven company, we deliver even the most difficult produce items at the size and stage you require. We’ve spent the last 70 years refining our role in the North American farm-to-fork supply chain process to ensure we can execute and consistently deliver to our customers’ specifications.

Who We Serve



Successful retailers make fresh produce work for them. Our priority in every customer partnership is to help eliminate the fear that you may be losing to your competition. Don’t suffer from losing sales on store ads with empty shelves or poor-quality items. We select top tier items on which you can stake your name and reputation. We specialize in the key things you need like custom packing, private label, warehousing, and on time logistics delivering when you want it, where you want it and how you want it.

Food Service


Through our partnerships with produce growers around the world, we ensure delivery of quality produce per your specifications. Integrity and transparency are practiced every day. Because we are not a last mile provider, we won’t be competing with you. Depending on your needs, we can provide custom solutions that include whole and fresh-cut produce, customized splits/break cases and exclusive brand packaging. Not only will you have a trusted partner who consistently fulfills your orders, but you’ll also have access to an account team who will keep you informed and updated. Our team is committed to your success and will provide training for your employees, actively engage and participate in your food shows and offer problem-solving assistance for any day-to-day challenges.



Is fresh produce a part of your strategy? Many convenience stores realize the potential for fresh produce on their shelves. We understand the importance of maximum shelf life, right-sized custom packed items and delivery at the right stage and color. We work with you to customize a program that fits your market demographics.



Whether you sell to food service or retail customers, we understand there are specific requirements for the high-quality raw produce needed on the production line. We exceed your food safety and traceability expectations and conduct regular mock recalls to ensure our processes and procedures are working. Our goal is to provide the right product to maximize yield, helping you maximize profits.


Impacting the Midwest & Beyond

We are headquartered outside of Des Moines, Iowa, just off the crossroad of I-80 and I-35. Our centrally located facility is logistically ideal for pickup and distribution across the country. Though our roots are in the Midwest, our presence is felt throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Holland. We source from multiple locations including Nogales AZ, Salinas CA, Florida, Georgia, McAllen TX and others.