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Whole Produce, Supply Chain & Logistics


Capital City Fruit’s Whole Produce Program

Whether you are a Food Service Company, Retailer, C-Store, or Processor, having readily available, fresh whole produce that meets your specifications is important to you and your consumers. Our whole produce program allows you to specify the items you need, at the stage you require, so you receive your order in a timely and efficient manner.

Because we manage produce supply chains for our customers, we source product based on actual orders versus filling our warehouses with excess inventory and pushing product hoping to sell it.

Logistics is an integral part of our process. Capital City Fruit has a fleet of trucks to deliver direct to you. As part of our total logistics solution, we have partnered the past 50 years with in-house broker Allen Lund Company (TIA $250,000 Certified) who handles our inbound sourcing from geographic regions all over the USA.


Experience Our Managed Ripening Program

Some produce items require TLC to ensure consistent delivery at the right stage and color. We have a team of specialists dedicated to overseeing hard-to-manage items like avocados, bananas, and tomatoes to help control the ripening process so we deliver to your specifications.

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