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Locally Grown

Vernon County Produce
Rich Hill, Missouri
One of our local family farms includes a group of Mennonite farmers in Rich Hill, Missouri. They use tools such as horse treadmills to grow and harvest their produce. Our Vernon County farmers work hard to grow produce in an ecologically friendly way. Check out the video above of a Vernon County horse treadmill in action!
Lopata Gardens
Quasqueton, Iowa
Lopata Gardens has been a family-owned and operated farm for over 50 years. Al Lopata has worked on the family farm since he was a young boy and now operates the farm on over 400 acres of land. Lopata Gardens harvests by hand to ensure the best-quality produce.
Svihel Vegetable Farms, Inc.
Foley, Minnesota
John Svihel opened his first roadside stand as a high school student, selling produce to raise money for college. Over 30 years later, John and his wife Julie own and operate Svihel Vegetable Farms, Inc. and raise produce on over 600 acres of land. 
Riverside Farms
Elk River, Minnesota
Brothers Dave and Joe Nathe started Riverside Farms 40 years ago, planting various fruits and vegetables on 26 acres of land. Since its inception, Riverside Farms has grown into a successful, 400-acre farm providing fresh produce across the Midwest.
Cherry Lake Farms
Atwater, Minnesota
Mike Tanata and his nephew, Matt Holien, started Cherry Lake Farms in 2002 and have grown the farm into a successful business on almost 200 acres of land. Their "hands-on" approach to farming adds a personal touch to their fresh produce.