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Get your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day and positively impact the health of the next generation with the Healthy LifeStars Snack Box! Healthy LifeStars is a nationwide nonprofit organization that motivates and educates kids to live active, healthy lives now and in the future. With programming active in several states across the nation, including Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, and Ohio, Healthy LifeStars teaches and models evidence-based nutrition, physical activity, and goal setting behaviors for elementary-school aged kids. The program supports multiple learning styles and abilities, so children can take responsibility for their health choices now and in the future.

Purchasing Healthy LifeStars Snack Box enables you to help yourself and others at the same time! You get the health benefits associated with eating fresh fruits and vegetables, while also supporting a program that teaches kids healthy eating behaviors, inspiring a new generation to be healthy and active.

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