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Tosteds Dry Roasted Soybeans - Trail Mix

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  • Tosteds are naturally pure, dry roasted Laura® soybeans to be enjoyed as a heart-healthy snack
  • Tosteds are naturally gluten free and Non-GMO
  • This healthy snack contains half the fat, twice the fiber, and 80% more protein than peanuts
  • Made from locally-grown soybeans from the Chambers Family Farm in Corwith, Iowa
  • About the Chambers Family Farm
    • Fairview Farms is part of the Chambers Family Farm founded over 100 years ago by Samuel Chambers. Jonathan Chambers and his father are proud of their long heritage tending and raising the highest quality food crops. They are proud to share their quality farm fresh Laura Soybean Heart Healthy product "Tosteds" with you. For more information about Tosteds and the Chambers family farm, visit their website here.